5 Reasons Why Music Producers Should Use Music Visualizers

Capture The Attention Of Your Fans With Unique Videos

By Nick Voorhees

First off– what even is a music visualizer? 

Source: Trap Nation

For those that don’t know– music visualizers, or audio visualizers analyze waveforms from audio and push this numerical data into a set of predefined programmed rules which creates a visual representation that we see in video form. Or, in other words– it’s an animated video that reacts to changes in volume and frequency of a particular song, creating an entertaining way to experience music.

Music visualizers are nothing new. In 1976, Atari Video Music was responsible for creating the first visualizer to further explore ways to experiment with visual technology in Hi-Fi stereo, and millennials later grew up watching these fun videos on their PC applications such as Winamp, Sound Jam, and later to be found in Windows Media Center. 

Now, things have changed. Music visualizers have become extremely popular, especially amongst musicians, EDM (electronic dance music) producers, hip-hop artists, and more. Because of these technological advancements, creative types have easy access to design engaging content for their fans. And we think that’s a great resource to have available. 

What exactly can visualizers help music producers accomplish? They can help artists–

1) Catch Attention

Scrolling through endless static posts on social media can get old fast. By creating video content, you switch things up and stand out from the majority. Great album covers can be a great way to get people excited, but creating animated videos can take things to the next level. It is not a surprise that success artists constantly create  music videos, lyric videos, visualizers, and more. 

According to Social Media Today, “video is the best performing content on Facebook” and “Tweets with video see 10x more engagement than those without.” Video is an easy, fun, and creative way to get your users more engaged. Creative videos boosts your stats, and provides shareable content for your fans. 

2) Keep Attention

Keeping users engaged is even more difficult in today’s era.

Recent studies show that human beings have an attention span of 8 seconds. A goldfish technically has a longer attention span than you do. 

Read that again.

This is the type of mentality you’re trying to work with. It’s an uphill battle to stay relevant in this noisy world, and uniquely animated design helps accomplish this. Visualizers are not only fun to watch, but they let listeners space out and drift away while they listen on Youtube, Instagram, etc. And chances are, the longer you keep them engaged the first time, the better your odds become of seeing them return. 

If you’re a music producer, I’m sure you’ve noticed how the majority of popular music channels use music visualizers for their videos. There is a reason why A-list channels like:

Trap Nation

and others…

utilize this tool. At this point, their fans subconsciously expect moving picture to go along with their song uploads, and it’s fair to say your fans probably assume the same about yours.

3) Create Content

We all know how social media can be a tough mountain to climb. It can be difficult to seem interesting to our followers, and sometimes even more difficult to have enough content to post. 

YouTube is probably one of the biggest hurdles. Since users play over “1 billion hours of video each day,” this is too big of a market to go untapped. If you’re unsure of how to even get started engaging with YouTube, Vimeo, etc. music visualizers are a great start. 

Not only is it very simple to hire a designer to get this done, but it’s far cheaper than a lyric video and it still provides entertainment for your fans. Visualizers are an easy way to spread awareness for your brand through video streaming platforms, and they make it simple to create diverse content for all of your social profiles. 

4) Save Money

Music videos are awesome, but expensive. It takes a substantial amount of time, resources, and money to make something with a professional polish. 

Music visualizers are a great alternative, because they create exciting content that’s shareable while staying at a much more affordable rate. Eventually, if you’re a serious artist, you’ll have to take music videos into consideration, but this is a great tool to use if you’re on a budget. 

There are many options out there for musicians to create audio visuals, with choices ranging from lower quality free software tools, paid monthly subscription based models, or hiring designers for a flat rate purchase. If you’re interested in hiring a designer, check out some of our artists here.

5) Reinforce Your Brand

Creating unique video content is a great way to help push your brand’s message. Instead of just choosing one theme for a static post, you’re able to incorporate multiple concepts from your brand to share on your social media platforms. Doing this helps you engage with your fans on a deeper level, and gets the public more excited about your music project. And because they’re entertained, it raises the chances of increasing your retention rate. 


It’s a great exercise to browse through YouTube to see how artists, promo channels, labels, and other music industry companies are uploading their music. All of these outlets utilize many different strategies, and music visualizers are just one one them! If you’re considering using one for your next music release, our designers are here to answer any of your questions!

About me

My name is Nick Voorhees, and i’m an Icon Collective graduate, music producer, and owner of Melody Nest. I am in no way an expert in music production (or in any field), but I just wanted to share some insight on what helped me along the way. I hope this at least a little helpful.  


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