About us

Offering music freelance services in a different way

Melody Nest is a specialized freelance website created by an interdisciplinary collective of artists, musicians, coders, entrepreneurs, lawyers, marketers, and more based out of Oakland, CA. Established in 2018, Melody Nest functions as a platform for graphic designers, audio engineers, musicians, and vocalists to provide their professional services to help musicians and music producers build their career. Melody Nest creates a specialized, original, and fundamentally creative business that changes the way musicians of all types navigate within the music industry. 

My name is Nick Voorhees, and I am the solo-founder of Melody Nest. I built this platform because I became tired of seeing musicians around me struggling to make ends meet, or having trouble finding other musicians they’d like to work with. 

Being a creative type in this world is already hard enough, and that’s why we are here. I believe that Melody Nest will eventually help give more power back into the hands of the working musician on a large scale. 

If you’re interested in talking more about our vision, please email me: nick@melodynest.com

Keep on the good fight! We believe in you.