Gabriele Cento – Acoustic Guitar

Gabriele Cento

Service: Acoustic Guitar

Additional Services: Electric Guitar

Location: Milan, Italy


About Me

I am a session guitarist and composer, I play acoustic guitar: fingerstyle or traditional comping techniques and electric guitar as well. I also work as a live performer, studio producer and guitar teacher. I love to combine art and science: music and technology are indeed my main interests. I really enjoy building guitar arrangements and layers that can serve the song, I’m never interest in getting the opposite!

Studio Gear

STUDIO 1 I have a live room treated for a very natural sound with a very low amount of reflection: I like to track voice and acoustic intruments in it. I have also made an amp booth for electrics guitar tracking recorded at the ideal audio level. In the control room PRO TOOLS 11 is my mainly DAW, occasionally I do work with Cubase5 for MIDI or pre production purpose. About the audio interface my choice is on the UAD APOLLO with his super powerful plugins set. I also use Waves,Metric Halo,Sound Toys, Fab Filters,Celemony and Slate. Speakers: Dynaudio BM5A Mainly microphones: schoeps CM6, AdvancedAudio C12, Neumann M149

STUDIO 2 PRO TOOLS 9 HD – I go tracking into this room when I need top analog machine 3xAPI (512c), 2xAVALON (VT737SP), 1xTHERMIONIC (phoenix) TC ELECTRONIC (M3000,4000 AND 5000), 1xTUBETECH (CL1-B) Speakers: DYNAUDIO


Main microphones are: 2x SCHOEPS CM6 – 1x DPA 4099 – 1x Advanced Audio C12

Average Turn Around Time:

Turn-around time and revision count vary per service

Clients & Affiliations

Over the years, I have had a lot of collaborations, but I’d like to mention:

Pink sweat$ – Xuitcasecity – Maria Lynn

Similar Styles

As electric player:

Tim Pierce – Andy Summer – Nile Rodgers

As acoustic player:

Dominic Miller – Pietro Nobile

$150 – Acoustic Guitar

Includes recording up to 2 minutes

  • HQ .wav File
  • Up to 120 seconds
  • Commercial Use
  • 2 Revisions

$170 – Acoustic Guitar

Includes recording up to 3 minutes

  • HQ .wav File
  • Up to 180 seconds
  • Commercial Use
  • 2 Revisions 

$200 – Acoustic Guitar

Includes recording up to 5 minutes

  • HQ .wav File
  • Up to 400 seconds
  • Commercial Use
  • 2 Revisions