I paid $500 Dollars And Waited 7 Months For A Mediocre Logo

A quick summary of a big mistake

Would you pay $500 for that?

Probably not, right?

Before you play the blame game and say something like, “you shouldn’t have let that happen in the first place, you’re an idiot,” or various other mean things… Consider this:  

If you’ve ever commissioned an artist for cover art or a logo without getting contracts signed, this could have happened to you too.

The story is simple. I kept asking my former acquaintance for timelines and delivery dates, and he missed all of them. Each date was pushed back for weeks on end, and eventually seven months later when I finally put more pressure on him (inches away from threatening a lawsuit), he gave me designs that probably took him an hour to make. I asked for more edits, and it never happened. Sadly, because he eventually sent me his “work,” this was enough to make a PayPal dispute unavailable. In other words– I got f**ked over, and not only did I lose $500 dollars… I lost a significant amount of time. It’s no mystery I was a bit naive to think because he was my friend, he’d come through for me. But sadly, I was dead wrong. 

And I have seen this story over and over again. Most musicians aren’t always well informed about putting contracts in place, especially at the beginning of their journey. Contracts are not something us musicians really think about when we’re caught up imagining how hard our latest EP will land in the club, or how many plays on Spotify we might get. So, whether it’s a record label, streaming service, graphic designer, or other hired outside parties, musicians have a tendency to get taken advantage of because legal structure is not their greatest skillset.

I’ve heard people say things like, “well, musicians have to walk through the fire,” trying in some way to attempt to justify crooks ripping other artists off. We think that is complete bullshit. It does not have to be this way.

However, let’s be clear– we are not saying that all designers or others in the music/entertainment field are crooked, that is definitely not the case. I know plenty of artists that are wonderful workers and provide excellent services, some of which have joined Melody Nest! But, what we are saying is that this industry is cutthroat and competitive, so your chances of getting ripped off are higher than most other industries.

This common occurrence is a foundational reason why we built this platform, and we built Melody Nest with one thing in mind:

To help musicians grow. 

Melody Nest not only provides a high quality marketplace where musicians, DJ’s, and electronic music producers can have access to great music industry designers all organized on one platform, but we also offer an added sense of security to make sure all business conducted is fair for both parties. Your money is important, so we have our legally binding contracts in place for your protection, and we are here to make sure that every dollar spent is utilized in building your brand. By deciding to work with us, you’re safer here than most other places.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, and to start building a brand that not only resonates with the crowd, but with yourself, click that little blue message button in the right hand corner and let’s get started! 

About me

My name is Nick Voorhees, and i’m an Icon Collective graduate, music producer, and owner of Melody Nest. I am in no way an expert in music production (or in any field), but I just wanted to share some insight on what helped me along the way. I hope this at least a little helpful.