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Posted 4 months ago

Greetings and salutations,

I hardly know how any of this works with the website most especially, but, I do indeed have a job for anyone bold enough to take on the task

Regarding the reason for writing: I am currently putting together a “rap album” and require soothing falsetto back up chords in some areas, and assistance with what is more or less a duet-type thing? I dunno, I can explain more in depth at a later point.


Y O U R  M I S S I O N

(If you choose to accept it)


Would be to record the vocals for the two tracks known as dependency, and Same, two of the more ‘lighthearted’ songs on the album. Attached below is an instrumental version of the song, Same. Upon accepting, I will provide cleaner instrumental versions, and (embarrassing) reference tracks, with the lyrics associated grouped accordingly, and openly advise free artistic exploration; provided the prerequisites are met.

To be clear these reference tracks would by no means be a full representation of an ideal finished product. Any miscommunication/misconstrusion can be cleared up in further conversation if necessary, as well as discussions surrounding assistance needed with a third song, financial compensation, etc.


For the sake of full disclosure and transparency this album features content that many may find inflammatory, controversial, contentious, politically incorrect, racist, sexist, sacrilegious,  homophobic, and/or obscene(I don’t think it’s all that bad but, hey).

I in no uncertain terms misunderstand the sociopolitical atmosphere of the present paradigm, however, my music is simply is simply that, music. Thus, I have also attached a complete demo version of the album to give full context as to what it is you would be getting involved in.

Given the delicate nature of a career with nothing but upward potential I would completely understand this not being worth the risk, though, I do leave the door open for uncredited work with no changes concerning any aspect of the process as a result. If I should get into contact, I would be more than willing to send a demo version of the album to offer some clarity.


A bit about myself: I’ve been doing this for longer than I would care to admit given where I am in life and my body of work on display being minuscule. I hit a rough patch a few years ago and quit making music for some time, in combination with detonating my internet presence(didn’t have much of one but, alas) and socially annexing myself into oblivion. Much of what I’ve done up to now has been hot gabbage lol, so In essence I pushed the reset button.

With a new found perspective and some stylistic growth in areas I’ve stumbled upon something which is actually pretty cool. I honestly just could use a hand. This will be up, ideally, until the 14th of march.

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Job features really nothing of value outside of helping a dude out at this point.

If we're talking monetary value, like compensation? Depending on the caliber of professional, I doubt my measly couple hundred bucks would be enticing.

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