Engineer Needed for Rap / Bedroom Pop Album called “Musical Medicine”

Posted 3 months ago

I’m Kxdy the Kid, a 20 y/o from Arlington, Texas and I’d like you to hear the project I am working on called ‘Musical Medicine’. I wanted to create a project where people can truly experience the way life goes through variously different sounds, instrumentals, and vibes. And to create way for listeners to use my project as medicine, something that can get you through hard or difficult situations. But this is not a sad album!!! It is made up of funk, pop, R&B, Indie Music, Rap, etc. Almost as if it is a genreless project. I have the project recorded but need mixing and mastering still for majority of the songs, though they may not be finished I think the demos will still translate my sound and emotion that I want to achieve. Thank you for your time and god bless.

Job Features

Engineer (Mastering)

$250 ish

Engineering (Mixing)

$250 ish

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  1. Neshele Renee

    Hi, are you still looking for help with this project?