Hiring 30 Singer songwriters, all genres of music, for ongoing gig.

Posted 4 months ago

Nice to meet you virtually! My name is Theresa, the CEO of Music Note, a new site that makes customized songs based on everyday people’s needs. I am looking to hire 30 Artists for an ongoing gig.

These songs will be anything from a custom-written song to say happy birthday to one’s mom, to a song from a girl telling a boy how she really feels about him, to a song reminiscing about memories two people have. The customer will give you a little background history and a few items they would like included in the song. You will have 1 week to write and record the song with music.

Our competitor charges customers $200 for a song. $100 is paid to the Artists to provide the songwriting, vocals, and music. The remaining $100 is used to pay for website development, hosting, merchant services, accounting, taxes, insurance, Facebook and Instagram advertising, and other operating expenses leaving the owners with ~$10 per song.

I know what you’re thinking… $100 is not enough for your talent or your time, but listen to this. Even at $100 a song, a couple of our competitor’s top performing Artists have made $80,000 and $100,000 this last calendar year. They have done this by creating songs for common occasions and then tweaking them by using the recipient’s names in the song, adding a few personalized details, but keeping the overall song relatively the same. This allows them to work more efficiently.

We believe that many customers are willing to pay more for a premium product. That said, our goal is to hire better talent than our competitors. As we gain the market reputation of having better talent, we will then allow Artists who have been deemed “popular” on our site through multiple 5-star reviews to begin charging more per song. If your music is amazing and people are willing to pay what you ask, you’ll be able to charge whatever you want, with our marketing behind you, but at first, payment will be $100 per song. We will also have a virtual tip jar. 100% of all tips go directly to the Artist.

Our site is currently in development and being built out. While that is in the works, we are looking for talented, interested artists, who are available remotely (work from home). You would be getting in from the ground-up and have more exposure as we are brand new and are not inundated with Artists yet. You must be able to meet deadlines, with the standard being 1 week for a custom song. If you are busy from time to time and cannot create our custom songs, you simply do not accept those orders. This can simply be work to fill in your “down times”. We will cover multiple genres of music all the way from R&B to Pop, EDM, Country, Rap, Gospel Choir, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Acapella, etc.

If you are interested in applying, please provide me with your first and last name, email address, where you live, phone number, an image for our website in the event you are hired, and a short 1-2 paragraph bio about yourself. Also, provide links to any Music work you’ve done including from this site to help us keep track of everyone’s experience while making final decisions in the hiring process.

It is documented that most millionaires have 3 to 7 streams of income. Will this be one of yours?

Send your information to Theresablue@aya.yale.edu.



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