Music Production From Scratch

Posted 3 months ago


I need music made from scratch, no samples or loops. The only loops that are allowed, are percussion loops, no other types of loops. No samples are allowed, not even royalty free- samples. No samples of melody or loops of melodies. 

I need ghost production & i am looking for music in all genres, i am not interested in any music with vocals. The length of each track can be from 2:00 minutes & up to 2:30 minutes in length. 

I require all project files, stem files & WAV file, for each individual track. If we decide to work together, i will have you submit each track on (, and i will also provide you with an email, where you will submit each track also to, as a zip file, via google drive. I have a very simple submission format, i will guide you, how to submit it, when the time comes.  

Only apply to the job, if you will also send samples of your own music made from scratch, no samples or loops. If you can produce more than 1 genre of music, please provide the best 3 tracks for each genre, and label the songs by genre. 

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