Posted 2 months ago

Please only reply to this if you’re in the dnb/house genre, no r&b rap singers or any other genre!

I’m looking for a female singer who must have a soft voice, no deep voice, who can create dnb/house music for my youtube channel for commercial use to create 1 song in the DnB, house, relaxation genre after every two months.
I’m looking for long term or permanent.
Must have at least 8 years experience in dnb and or house.

Im looking for something very similar to these with a soft voice and with a similar style of music

Some of the songs need to include piano, drums and some bass similar to the above songs and i’m also looking for some similar electrical sounds that you can hear in the videos above, but i’m not looking for anything specific just something like the above songs.

You’ll be writing and doing the production unless you have a producer and someone to write the lyrics. If not, I will find a producer and or a songwriter.

Each song will be 2-5 mins max and 1 song made after every two months.
The lyrics i’m not too bothered on as long as they sound good but I need you to write the lyrics or I will provide them, the same for the production or i will find a producer.

I’m looking at $700 max per a song and for the production

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