Posted 8 months ago

Hello! I would like to thank everyone for taking your time to view this post. Whether u did or not.

I’m creating a webcomic and I would like to work with 2 artist who are willing to work with me on making my storyboard come to life. I need one for the drawing and the other for coloring.

Preferably looking for someone who will be devoted and ready to work and also who has experience in paneling for a webtoon format. Also someone who has a similar art style to what I’m looking for. I already have at least 10 episodes worth of storyboard pre-written. I’ll present a small piece of my story so this way I can see how well you fit my standards by creating a test page.

Test page has to involve Lineart/Color – it will be paid for by me

If you know how to do both tasks then great. If not the drawing artist will finish the lineart part of the test page And then the colorist will finish the rest.

Payment ($) of course will be discussed, I say this because I know some of you already have like prices for this type of stuff… I’ll work with those who need a flexible work schedule for I too have a job to cover expenses, so don’t worry too much.

Well that’s it. I’m looking forward our partnership. Stay safe!

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