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Quona Hudson

Songwriter, Vocalist

    Andy Ellison

    Nashville Session Musician and Producer

      Juan Daniel Correa


        Miguel Gessaghi

        Professional Guitarist

          Joseph Menzies

          Music Producer

            Bart Dietvorst

            Session Guitarist

              Rui Ferreira

              Multi-instrumentalist and Songwriter

                Vladimir Pocorschi

                Producer| Vocalist| Guitarist

                  Gustavo Eiriz

                  Multi Instrumentist/arranger Studio Owner


                    Professional Guitarist/Vocalist/Pianist


                      Professional Music Producer/Session Guitarist

                        Reid Telando

                        Guitarist/Audio Engineer

                          Lorenzo Carolus

                          Recording Guitarist

                            Austin Moorhead

                            Nashville Pop Producer

                              Bruno Freitas

                              Profesional Session and Live Guitarist

                                Tolis Lympe

                                Proffesional Guitarist Arranger Composer

                                  Chris Styne

                                  Acoustic player

                                    Johnny Butten

                                    Session musician, multi-instrumentalist

                                      Curtis McDonald

                                      Session Guitarist

                                        Arifur Rahman

                                        I will record acoustic and classical guitar music

                                          Diego Romero

                                          Professional Guitarrist & Composer

                                            Timur Chub

                                            Mr Choob

                                              Carl Janzen

                                              Professional Guitarist/Multi-instrumentalist

                                                Lisandro Franco

                                                Sound and music recording / production


                                                  Session Guitarist

                                                    Bruno Elisabetsky

                                                    Guitarist, Composer, and Singer

                                                      Michael Shanks

                                                      Pro Musician, Producer, Composer, SingerSongwriter

                                                        Ross Livermore

                                                        Band Leader, Singer and Songwriter

                                                          OLEKSANDR MINAIEV

                                                          vocalist, guitarist, composer

                                                            William Horning

                                                            Session Guitarist/Vocalist

                                                              Chauncey Arner

                                                              Guitar Player

                                                                Scott Nelson

                                                                Guitarist - Pop/EDM hooks, ambient textures

                                                                  Andrea Verga

                                                                  Professional Banjoist and Producer.

                                                                    THOMAS ALLEN


                                                                      Ziv Shalev

                                                                      Session Guitarist

                                                                        Manuel Acevedo

                                                                        Professional Session Guitarist

                                                                          Jimmy Brewer

                                                                          Professional Guitarist

                                                                            Jack Croft

                                                                            Session Guitarist & Bassist

                                                                              Ciarán O’Shea

                                                                              Mixing Engineer / Guitarist

                                                                                Fernando Perez

                                                                                Professional Guitarist & Music Producer

                                                                                  Dave Goel


                                                                                    Juan Diego

                                                                                    Professional guitar player