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Cardi Yay


    April Moon

    Professionally trained Jazz/Swing/Musical Vocalist

      Shivam Singh

      Music producer and composer

        Eyesan Itseorishe

        Songwriter / Ghostwriter

          Derek Ballard

          Music Producer and songwriter


            Professional Vocalist

              Chris “BRUUS” Hughes

              Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Arranger

                Simon Gerva

                Singer and Songwriter


                  Professional Vocalist & Top Liner

                    Trey Bruce

                    Professional Songwriter/Producer/Publisher

                      adrian c

                      productor , cantante ,cantautor,guitarrista,piano,


                        Professionally Trained Vocalist and Songwriter

                          Cristina Maria

                          Vocalist and Songwriter

                            Emmani Lynch

                            Music producer, beat maker, and composer