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Male Vocalists For Hire

Find in-demand pro session singers ready to record vocals on your track!

If you're looking to browse singer talent and want to work with professional male vocalists, you've come to the right place. We host many talented session vocalists that are professionally trained and here to create custom vocal tracks for your music. Click the play buttons below to quickly flip through and find the right style for your music! Want us to match you with a professional? Click here


Male Vocalist and Producer

    Simon Benegas

    Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Vocalist

      Will Juergens

      Songwriter and Songwriting Consultant

        Marcello Vieira

        Professional Session Singer -Topliner- Producer

          Zion Anthony

          singer, vocalist, songwriter, session singer


            Singer, Producer, Sound Engeneer

              Nick Evans

              Professional Vocalist & Pianist


                Professional Vocalist and Topliner

                  PaPa Shiraz

                  Song Writer, Vocalist, Producer and Mixing Enginee


                    Professional extreme metal vocalist

                      Elijah Petty

                      Vocalist & Producer

                        DOMy Gee

                        Vocalist [] Top-line Songwriter [] Mixing Engineer

                          Darren F

                          Session Singer/Pro Songwriter

                            Wayne Hsu


                              NT Martin

                              Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer. English & Spanish

                                Moore Music Makin

                                Songwriter / Topliner / Vocalist


                                  Singer, Songwriter, Rapper

                                    Chef Major

                                    Remote Muic Producer/ Mix Engineer and Artist

                                      Ross Livermore

                                      Band Leader, Singer and Songwriter

                                        Jeremy Warmsley


                                          BRYAN MENSAH

                                          BRYAN THE MENSAH

                                            Mansi And Subho

                                            Indian trained Vocalist / Composer

                                              Chillz Muzik

                                              Professional Hip-Hop / Rap Artist

                                                Alexis Dimitriou

                                                Proffesionally Trained Vocalist and Guitarist

                                                  Nonso Anene

                                                  Highly experienced songwriter

                                                    Alex Dew

                                                    Pro Top-line singer for EDM to Rock

                                                      Srinjoy Bhattacharya

                                                      Composer(Film Score, Songs), Singer


                                                        Music Producer


                                                          PRO VOCALIST, SONGWRITER TOPLINER AND SINGER

                                                            Nate Evans



                                                              Professional Guitarist/Vocalist/Pianist

                                                                João Moreira

                                                                  Terrell King

                                                                  Singer/Songwriter/Vocal Producer

                                                                    Eric Butterfield

                                                                    Eric Butterfield

                                                                      Tyler Crawford

                                                                      Male Vocalist/Songwriter

                                                                        JJ Vocals

                                                                        Lyrics + Vocal Composition and Vocalist

                                                                          Orbital Chase

                                                                          Metalcore/Post-Hardcore Vocalist

                                                                            Allan de Anda


                                                                              Kyle Tupper

                                                                              Session Drummer and Producer

                                                                                Brandon Jamal Smith

                                                                                Substantial Hip Hop Rapper

                                                                                  Andrew Pedersen


                                                                                    Daryl Myers


                                                                                      Vladimir Pocorschi

                                                                                      Producer| Vocalist| Guitarist

                                                                                        Quona Hudson

                                                                                        Songwriter, Vocalist


                                                                                          Professional Male Singer & Song Writer

                                                                                            Ray Barnette

                                                                                            Country Vocalist and Producer

                                                                                              Dopest Soundz


                                                                                                ARBAZ SULEMAN

                                                                                                Vocal Artist and Music Producer

                                                                                                  Mauricio Mirapalheta

                                                                                                  Professional Guitarist, Vocalist & Rock Maker

                                                                                                    Jacob René


                                                                                                      William Horning

                                                                                                      Session Guitarist/Vocalist

                                                                                                        Orhan Tagizade

                                                                                                        Male Vocalist