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Hire Pro Mixing Engineers

Work with professional audio engineers and produce great quality song mixes!

Professional-sounding mixes are now more important than ever to be a successful music artist! Mix your song with vetted audio engineers and separate yourself from the crowd. Important: Many mixing engineers utilize their intuition when mixing songs, so it's important to find a mixing engineer that's familiar with your style, genre, and the overall feeling of the music. It's also important to recognize that many mixing engineers follow consistent principles:
  • Understanding and working with their client's overall feel and groove.
  • Identifying the motif and other important sounds that should be highlighted in the song.
  • Figuring out how to let certain tracks shine, and which tracks should be less audible.
  • Polishing the final mix-down and either prepare to master themselves or to send to a professional for mastering and to make it commercially ready.
If this sounds good to you and you're ready to work with our pro mixing engineers, browse our vetted professionals below and find the perfect engineer for your career. Want us to match you with a professional? Click here

Alexander Plam

Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, Mixing, Mastering

    Filip Andel

    Professional mixing engineer

      Ian Flynn

      Producer - Mix Engineer - Mastering Engineer

        John-Antonio Caitano

        Professionnal Sound Engineer

          Daniel Cortés

          Latin Grammy Awarded Mixing and Mastering Engineer


            Music Producer | composer | mixing engineer

              Riccardo Pasini

              Producer, Mixing & Mastering engineer

                Klap Tools

                Audio solutions


                  Music production,Mixing Engineer, Beat Maker


                    Professional Mixing and Mastering engineer

                      James Millar

                      Professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer


                        Music Producer/Sound Designer/Drummer

                          Kevin Hammond

                          Audio Mixer

                            MBE AUDIO

                            Mixing & Mastering Engineer

                              Ahmed Balewa

                              Professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer

                                Tay Robinson

                                Audio Engineer / Music Producer

                                  Tiaan Stemmet

                                  Professionally Trained Audio Engineer

                                    Matte Lupo

                                    Audio Engineer, Mastering Engineer, and Drummer

                                      Jay T

                                      Mixing Engineer

                                        Gal Vogrič

                                        Mixing & Mastering Engineer

                                          Eddie Gore

                                          Audio Mixing Engineer and Music Producer

                                            Grey Davies

                                            Producer, engineer, artist

                                              John Luke Nance

                                              Mixing, Mastering, Songwriting

                                                John Cranmer

                                                Producer & Mixer

                                                  Robert McCracken

                                                  Mix and Mastering Engineer


                                                    sound producer, mixing engineer, composer