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Find Professional Music Producers For Hire

Looking for a producer? You can find vetted song producers ready to write, arrange, and record high-quality tracks or add elements to your song, album, soundtrack, or more!

Want to find and hire high-status music producers that can take your song to the next level? You've come to the right place. We have gathered lots of talented producers that can either fill out and add a few ideas to your track or write an entire song for you from scratch! Click the play buttons below to quickly flip through our artist's portfolio work and find the right style for your music!

Elvio Cipollone

Composer, Computer Musician

    Hilary Ocii

    Professional Audio Producer

      ChsAudio services

      Audio engineering with a Bachelor's unyversity dip


        Male Vocalist and Producer

          Giorgio Satta

          Producer, Soundtrack Composer and Sound Engineer.

            Adam Kneale

            Music Producer/Songwriter

              Thorsten Meister

              Music Producer


                Professional composer & producer.

                  Brad Rothwell

                  Audio Engineer and Music Producer

                    Hossein Taheri

                    Professional Music Producer/ Arranger/ Composer

                      Mitraz Music

                      Music Producer/Songwriter

                        Patrick Cooper

                        Pianist, Keyboardist, Producer and Songwriter

                          Greg Johnson

                          Media Composer


                            Private Session Mixing Engineer, Songwriter + Prod

                              crh beats

                              compositor y productor musical

                                Vladimir Pocorschi

                                Producer| Vocalist| Guitarist

                                  Carlo Maria Dini

                                  Composer | Music Producer | Arranger

                                    Bruno Freitas

                                    Profesional Session and Live Guitarist

                                      Lusanda Sompani

                                      Music Producer/ Beatmaker/ Composer/ Audio editor

                                        so lêroy

                                        Multi-genre Pop producer and engineer


                                          Professional Recording/Mixing & Mastering Engineer

                                            Calvin Spades

                                            Music Producer

                                              Mihailo Jocic

                                              MUSIC Composer/Producer/Mix/Mastering

                                                Aunorable Prod.

                                                Music Production Team

                                                  Nick Evans

                                                  Professional Vocalist & Pianist

                                                    Levi Downey

                                                    Music Producer

                                                      Samantha Duru

                                                      Singer Songwriter

                                                        Sadish Rathnaweera

                                                        Professional DJ / Music Producer

                                                          South Point Sound

                                                          Producers and Sound Engineers