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Find Professional Music Producers For Hire

Looking for a producer? You can find vetted song producers ready to write, arrange, and record high-quality tracks or add elements to your song, album, soundtrack, or more!

Want to find and hire high-status music producers that can take your song to the next level? You've come to the right place. We have gathered lots of talented producers that can either fill out and add a few ideas to your track or write an entire song for you from scratch! Click the play buttons below to quickly flip through our artist's portfolio work and find the right style for your music!

ChsAudio services

Audio engineering with a Bachelor's unyversity dip


    Male Vocalist and Producer

      Giorgio Satta

      Producer, Soundtrack Composer and Sound Engineer.

        Steve Saunders

        Audio Engineer / Composer / Sound Designer

          Levi Downey

          Music Producer

            Sadish Rathnaweera

            Professional DJ / Music Producer

              South Point Sound

              Producers and Sound Engineers

                Hossein Taheri

                Professional Music Producer/ Arranger/ Composer

                  John-Antonio Caitano

                  Professionnal Sound Engineer

                    Vladimir Pocorschi

                    Producer| Vocalist| Guitarist

                      Carlo Maria Dini

                      Composer | Music Producer | Arranger

                        Bruno Freitas

                        Profesional Session and Live Guitarist

                          Sound Sorcery

                          Music Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist

                            Calvin Spades

                            Music Producer

                              Mihailo Jocic

                              MUSIC Composer/Producer/Mix/Mastering

                                Aunorable Prod.

                                Music Production Team

                                  Marne Vinicius

                                  Marne Vinicius


                                    Beatmaker and Producer

                                      Wayne Hsu


                                        Precious Obimdi

                                        Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Keyboardist

                                          Alden Reese

                                          Music Producer

                                            Luis C Gonzalez

                                            Producer / Keyboardist / Composer / Arranger / Mix

                                              Dopest Soundz


                                                Mirko Russo

                                                mixing engineer, producer, guitar and bass player

                                                  Ricky Mazzamauro

                                                  I will do a full service song production

                                                    Nat Richmond

                                                    Hip Hop | R&B Music Producer / Voice Over Artist

                                                      Matthew Spark

                                                      Beat Maker , Music Producer , Mixing & Mastering

                                                        Zac Pile

                                                        Music Producer, Mixing engineer and Composer

                                                          Tom Young

                                                          EDM Producer | Remixer

                                                            Christian Spiotta

                                                            Audio Engineer / Composer


                                                              Music Producer


                                                                Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Industry Pro

                                                                  Derek Ballard

                                                                  Music Producer and songwriter

                                                                    Annie Prior

                                                                    Producer & Multi-instrumentalist


                                                                      Music Production, Engineer, Ghost Production

                                                                        Robert Copeland

                                                                        Producer & Composer

                                                                          Grey Davies

                                                                          Producer, engineer, artist

                                                                            Reid Telando

                                                                            Guitarist/Audio Engineer

                                                                              Harold Durant

                                                                              Professional Audio Engineer/ Producer


                                                                                Music production,Mixing Engineer, Beat Maker

                                                                                  FeelDen Audio

                                                                                  Mixing Engineer, Session Musician, Music Producer

                                                                                    Eddie Gore

                                                                                    Audio Mixing Engineer and Music Producer


                                                                                      Music Producer

                                                                                        Fahim Faisal

                                                                                        Music Producer


                                                                                          Professional Audio Service

                                                                                            Jax Delamare

                                                                                            Jax Delamare