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Naim Benelmadjat

Professional Session Pianist, Producer, Piano

    Stuart Thorpe

    Producer, Audio Engineer, Pianist, Songwriter

      Luciano Ledesma

      Pianist & composer



          Jeremy sounds

          Professional pianist/keyboardist

            Rui Ferreira

            Multi-instrumentalist and Songwriter

              Abdullah Shahzad

              Self taught musician

                Annabel Grace

                Professionally Trained Vocalist

                  Allan de Anda


                    Marco Cremaschini

                    Pianist, Keyboardist, Producer, Composer

                      Precious Obimdi

                      Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Keyboardist

                        Pranav Banerjee

                        Piano Music Composer

                          Mark Brown

                          Professional Hammond B3/Piano/Keyboards

                            Dimitri Berman

                            Professional Pianist & Keyboardist

                              Orhan Tagizade

                              Male Vocalist

                                Nick Evans

                                Professional Vocalist & Pianist

                                  UNITED AFRICANS

                                  Self Trained Music Producers


                                    Professional Pianist/Keyboardist

                                      Federico Pettovello

                                      Professional Music Producer

                                        Fed Conti

                                        Real Hammond Organ, Rhodes & Clavinet Pro Session

                                          Alexei Paredes

                                          Professional Keyboardist

                                            Sean gh

                                            Music producer - sound engineering

                                              JULIUS ADEDAYO

                                              PROFESSIONAL KEYBOARD AND PIANO PLAYER

                                                Freddie Banks

                                                Piano | Keyboards | Production

                                                  Patrick Cooper

                                                  Pianist, Keyboardist, Producer and Songwriter

                                                    Rodrigo Bitarello

                                                    Pianist, keyboardist and music producer