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Looking for a songwriter that will professionally compose a catchy musical composition, write lyrics for your song, and add a creative touch that you can’t do alone? Our artists can get the job done. We host top-liner songwriters that will record stunning vocals on your pre-made beat and musician song writers that can help add and record/arrange tracks with their creative perspective. Important fact: Not all of our songwriters are also lyricists, so it’s important to contact our song writers with your project details to make sure you find the perfect artist for your music. If you want to connect with lyricists specifically, click here.

Are you ready to create a demo and a fully produced record with top songwriters in the music industry? Connect with our team now!

Brian Squillace

Indie Electronic Music Producer

    Annie Moore Music

    Studio Vocalist, composer and songwriter

      Orhan Tagizade

      Male Vocalist

        Alii May

        Singer, Topliner, Songwriter


          Male Vocalist and Producer

            Simon Benegas

            Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Vocalist

              Loek Hauwert

              Multi-instrumentalist, producer, audio engineer

                Fabiana Mendes

                Singer and Songwriter

                  NT Martin

                  Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer. English & Spanish

                    Katie Wills

                    Professional Musician, Vocalist, Songwriter

                      Zion Anthony

                      singer, vocalist, songwriter, session singer

                        Christina Rotondo

                        Vocalist with 5+ million views and 65,000 fans

                          Juan Daniel Correa


                            Allie Farris

                            Award-Winning Songwriter, Lyricist, and Vocalist

                              BRYAN MENSAH

                              BRYAN THE MENSAH

                                Stephen Buzzell

                                Songwriter, Producer, Mixer

                                  Chillz Muzik

                                  Professional Hip-Hop / Rap Artist

                                    Luciano Ledesma

                                    Pianist & composer

                                      Moore Music Makin

                                      Songwriter / Topliner / Vocalist


                                        Session Singer/Topliner/Songwriter

                                          Kojau Music

                                          Music Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist, Sound Engine


                                            Music Producer

                                              Nonso Anene

                                              Highly experienced songwriter

                                                Ida Farkas

                                                I am a professionally trained vocalist.

                                                  Eric Butterfield

                                                  Eric Butterfield

                                                    Andrew Pedersen


                                                      Jeremy Warmsley


                                                        Daryl Myers


                                                          Florence Hill™

                                                          Multilingual/Multigenre Singer-Songwriter

                                                            Aunorable Prod.

                                                            Music Production Team

                                                              Adam Kneale

                                                              Music Producer/Songwriter

                                                                Marcello Vieira

                                                                Professional Session Singer -Topliner- Producer

                                                                  Quona Hudson

                                                                  Songwriter, Vocalist



                                                                      Carlo Romagnolo

                                                                      I Will Play Guitar For You

                                                                        Christine Scolari

                                                                        Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Pianist

                                                                          Christian Spiotta

                                                                          Audio Engineer / Composer

                                                                            Demi Zoons

                                                                            Graduated Pro Singer/Songwriter




                                                                                Producer+Eng, Grammy Nominated, Plat+Gold Credited

                                                                                  Skye Williams


                                                                                    Ziv Shalev

                                                                                    Session Guitarist


                                                                                      Session Guitarist

                                                                                        Jillian Riscoe


                                                                                          Allan de Anda


                                                                                            DOMy Gee

                                                                                            Vocalist [] Top-line Songwriter [] Mixing Engineer

                                                                                              Terrell King

                                                                                              Singer/Songwriter/Vocal Producer

                                                                                                Darren F

                                                                                                Session Singer/Pro Songwriter

                                                                                                  Aniah Alves

                                                                                                  Female Mezzo Soprano Session Singer

                                                                                                    Irving Montero

                                                                                                    Indie Pop Music Producer

                                                                                                      Sami Bouamrane

                                                                                                      Music Producer


                                                                                                        Afrobeat Vocalist ,Lyricist and Songwriter

                                                                                                          Jacob René


                                                                                                            Frank Sewe

                                                                                                            Frankenstein the Phenom

                                                                                                              Vladimir Pocorschi

                                                                                                              Producer| Vocalist| Guitarist

                                                                                                                Kirsa Moonlight

                                                                                                                Songwriter, Female Vocalist

                                                                                                                  Alexander Pålsson

                                                                                                                  Golden Sound Production