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Aly Mohamed

Music composer

    Andrew Thiriot

    Producer, Composer, Singer-Songwriter

      Sharon Olamide

      Professional Music Producer and pianist

        Brad Rachuk

        Music Producer/Mix-Master Engineer/Melody Writer

          Greg Johnson

          Media Composer

            Arifur Rahman

            I will record acoustic and classical guitar music

              Gwilym Evans

              Music producer, composer, sound designer.

                Ricky Mazzamauro

                I will do a full service song production

                  THOMAS ALLEN


                    Ivan Ouahmane

                    I'm a musician, sound designer/audio engineer,

                      Diogo Soares

                      Music Producer & Mixing Engineer

                        Carlo Maria Dini

                        Composer | Music Producer | Arranger

                          Isuru Chamara

                          Professional Music Producer

                            Matt Wolsfeld

                            Film and Video Game Composer

                              Abdullah Shahzad

                              Self taught musician


                                label ready professional House producer

                                  Srinjoy Bhattacharya

                                  Composer(Film Score, Songs), Singer

                                    Natalie Oliveri

                                    Vocalist & Topline Writer

                                      Giorgio Satta

                                      Producer, Soundtrack Composer and Sound Engineer.

                                        Luis C Gonzalez

                                        Producer / Keyboardist / Composer / Arranger / Mix


                                          Music Production & Sound Design

                                            Hossein Taheri

                                            Professional Music Producer/ Arranger/ Composer