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Giorgio Satta

Producer, Soundtrack Composer and Sound Engineer.

    Alexei Paredes

    Professional Keyboardist

      Carlo Maria Dini

      Composer | Music Producer | Arranger

        Andrew Thiriot

        Producer, Composer, Singer-Songwriter

          Rishav Chakraborty

          Guitar Instructor at WhiteHat Jr

            Hossein Taheri

            Professional Music Producer/ Arranger/ Composer

              THOMAS ALLEN


                Aly Mohamed

                Music composer

                  Benjamin Skeie

                  Composer, Arranger, Programmer

                    Arifur Rahman

                    I will record acoustic and classical guitar music


                      Beatmaker and Producer

                        Ricky Mazzamauro

                        I will do a full service song production

                          Luis C Gonzalez

                          Producer / Keyboardist / Composer / Arranger / Mix

                            DAKSH SRIVASTAVA

                            MUSIC PRODUCER

                              Abdullah Shahzad

                              Self taught musician


                                Music Production & Sound Design

                                  Srinjoy Bhattacharya

                                  Composer(Film Score, Songs), Singer