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Connect with professional violin players and add lush custom string tracks to your song!

Do you want to hire a violinist for your latest song, album, or anything else? Using this page, you can browse song portfolios, styles, descriptions, and communicate with violin players to discover the perfect fit for your song. Whether you need a stunning overture or a quick and catchy hook for your pop record, you can find whatever you need here! Our violinists are usually classically trained but that doesn't mean they aren't knowledgeable of many other genres and styles. Our violinists are comfortable playing EDM, jazz, pop, country, and other genres as well!

Gustavo Eiriz

Multi Instrumentist/arranger Studio Owner

    Kristel Birkholtz

    Classically Trained Violinist

      mohammad rjoub

      violin player and a music producer

        Miguel Lucena

        session violinist