Songwriter, Vocalist, Engineer, Producer

Welcome to 2Evolve Records, my name is Jared. My mission is to help artist, musicians and really anyone looking to bring an idea or vision they have to life.

I will put your needs & desires first. And I promise to go above and beyond for you.

All projects, communication and work together will be done with integrity and will be nothing short of greatness.

Why Choose Me..?

✔ My number one goal is to provide value for you
✔ Songs I’ve written/produced are known worldwide
✔ I’m well known and trusted throughout the industry
✔ In-Studio w/ producers for Usher, Justin Bieber, Whitney Houston, Akon
✔ Worked with producers/engineers for Rihanna, Future, G-Eazy & more
✔ Lead actor in Netflix motion picture “Driven to Dance” as a musician role
✔ Very versatile, with experience in most genres
✔ Music allows me to work for myself
✔ An active musician for 15+ years
✔ Very responsive, friendly and buyer-centric
✔ A genuine person who wants to help you succeed!
✔ 100% Client and Artist Satisfaction

I always ensure I deliver the most value possible to meet your goals. I get the most fulfillment when helping you create the art/sound you have envisioned.

Please reach out and request your free proposal today!

★★★★★ Take a read through my reviews ★★★★★


R&B (The Kid LAROI, Drake, SoMo)
Pop (Liam Payne, Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber)
Rap/HipHop (NF, Witt Lowry, Post Malone)


✔ 2021 iMac 64GB RAM w/ i7 processor
✔ Yamaha HS7 Studio Monitors (pair)
✔ Yamaha HS8 Subwoofer
✔ Apollo Twin X Interface
✔ Neumann TLM 103
✔ Taylor AD17eGrand Pacific Acoustic-Electric Guitar
✔ Fully Treated Studio & Vocal Booth
✔ M-Audio Oxygen49
+ much more


✔ Logic Pro X
✔ Waves Platinum Bundle + more Waves
✔ IMPusher + more mastering plugins
✔ Antares Autotune Unlimited
✔ Midi Packs & Sample Packs
✔ Slate Digital Bundle
✔ Izotope Bundle
✔ L series
+ much much more

All My Services Include..

Level 1: (All-inclusive) Pro Song-writing, Production, Vocals, Mix & Master
Level 2: Professional Song-writing & Production
Level 3: Professional Song-writing
Level 4: Exclusive Production
Level 5: Studio-recorded Vocals
Level 6: Full Studio Mix (up to 30 stems)
Level 7: Full Studio Mix (up to 20 stems)
Level 8: Full Studio Mix (up to 10 stems)
Level 9: Full Studio Mix (up to 5 stems)
Level 10: Full Studio Master

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