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Every song release is important. It’s critical for artists looking to pave their way to not only collaborate with other artists, but to hire those that can take your music to a professional level.
Many artists believe that they can “make it” own their own, but this is an illusion. Finding the right producer, vocalist, designer, engineer, and more is possible with Melody Nest!
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Cardi Yay


April Moon

Professionally trained Jazz/Swing/Musical Vocalist

Shivam Singh

Music producer and composer

Eyesan Itseorishe

Songwriter / Ghostwriter

Derek Ballard

Music Producer and songwriter


Professional Vocalist

Chris “BRUUS” Hughes

Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Arranger

Simon Gerva

Singer and Songwriter


Professional Vocalist & Top Liner

Trey Bruce

Professional Songwriter/Producer/Publisher

adrian c

productor , cantante ,cantautor,guitarrista,piano,


Professionally Trained Vocalist and Songwriter

Cristina Maria

Vocalist and Songwriter

Emmani Lynch

Music producer, beat maker, and composer