Hamed Tahmasebi

Professional Guitarist (electric guitar)

I’m An Iranian professional guitarist . I have been learning music for 7 years. my main instrument is electric guitar but i have played piano and bass too. I can write and record guitar parts for your songs.

1. I will need Vocals and chords to start working on them. please pay attention to remove lead instruments (or vocals) from the part(s) that you want me to play on it and leave the rest of the song so i know where to record. i will need files in .wav format
2. if you want me to make a tone for your guitar , send me your project and guitar lines separated (.wav)

I can write and record guitar parts for your songs. including solos, chords and harmony
I can write music sheets (Notes and TABs) of the parts i have played for you
and i can make a professional tone for your guitar using BIAS FX or Amplitube4 and mixing plugins.

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This is a solo i played on a backing track.
This is an incomplete idea i recorded 3 years ago for another artist