Jamie Easter

Music Producer

I started producing at a very young age. I’m the “taught myself guy”. Trial and Error is what has made me the producer i am today.i produce all types of music. i love to do something out of the box. I would say I’m best at rap/hip hop and all the branches of that but i have a love for all music and I’ve always made my best work when its something new and different. it reminds me of the love i have for the music.i rarely use samples. only at an artist’s request. i love to play every instrument in my tracks. i believe it takes that to eventually create your own unique sound that will make you stand out as a artist and create the brand that you can call your own.

if i have the track outs or vocals i can do almost anything.

I do mixing as well. i stay up to date on all the new sounds and plug ins and break throughs that software designers introduce. i like to stay in the competition. I’ve produced hundreds of artist and countless songs. I’ve pretty much been a lead competitor in every city I’ve lived.iit doesn’t take long to make a name. imm looking to branch out and maybe give the sound someone across the world may be looking for. A new sound that maybe can change the industry like all the great artists have done.

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