Carl Janzen

Professional Guitarist/Multi-instrumentalist

Carl Janzen is a professionalmulti-instrumentalist/producer/songwriter who is known for his versatility. He is versed in many styles including: Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Americana. He has been playing the guitar for over 20 years and is also proficient on other instruments such as bass guitar, piano, drums, mandolin, ukulele and the 5-string Banjo.

More samples of past projects can be heard here:

Please share any applicable files or links (Session files, Chords charts, Tempo, YouTube links, etc.)

Can track lead or rhythm electric guitar, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukulele.

Artists I have worked with include: Trinity Bradshaw, Maddison Krebs, Souls In Rhythm, Ryan Laird, Candace Lacina, Clea Roddick, Sonal Jogia, Trey Mills.

For genres/styles, I can cover: Rock/Pop, Hard Rock, Blues, Jazz, R&B/Soul, Funk, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Americana, EDM

Turnaround time is typically within 24 hours for one track. If more than one track is required I can usually provide multiple tracks within 3 days.
Would love to get the opportunity to work with you and contribute on your song.
Feel free to reach out today!

Gibson SG
Fender Telecaster
Squier Jaguar
Godin LGX-SA
Simon & Patrick Showcase (Rosewood)

Egnater Rebel 20
2×12 cabinet (1 Celestion Alnico Blue & 1 Celestion G12H30)
1×12 cabinet (1 Celestion Vintage 30)

Logic Pro X

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Past project examples