Alex Thomen

Mixer | Producer | Keyboardist – Pro Verified ✅

Alex Thomen is a producer and composer currently based in Kansas City, Missouri. Boasting a dynamic portfolio, his work encompasses a variety of genres, styles, and ensembles. From small-scale chamber groups and rock bands to full symphonic orchestra, Thomen arranges, produces, and mixes at a professional level. After graduating from Kansas State University with a Bachelor’s of Music in Music Composition, Thomen relocated to Nashville, TN. It is here that he worked toward his Master’s in Commercial Music Composition and Arranging. These degrees have prepared him for the competitive music industry, exhibiting a high level of musical proficiency, technical ability, and student debt.


Mixing — I will take the raw stems from your recording sessions and mix them into a professional-quality production. Careful gain-staging, panning, signal processing, volume automation, and advanced editing techniques are used to bring balance and dynamics to your raw audio files.

Piano Recording — I am a pianist as well as producer/mixing engineer, so I can record a piano part for your next production. I can send you both a recorded audio file of the piano part as well as the MIDI data. I use Spectrasonics’ Keyscape for my piano recordings.

Media Scoring–I can score your next film, commercial, TV spot, or video game. Tell me what you’re looking for in terms of genre, instrumentation, style, mood. Feel free to also send me some music for me to reference. I primarily use East West sample libraries in my recordings.

Arranging/MIDI Programming — Perhaps you already have a song written or recorded, but you want it arranged for additional instrumentation. Let me know what additional instrumentation you need, and I will create an arrangement for it. This can be as simple as needing a recorded piano track, or as complex as needing a full string arrangement. I can provide you with the notated score, MIDI files, and audio files.

Notation — If you have a song completely written, but you need it notated, I can do this for you. Send me a recording of the song (this can be a rough demo), and I will notate it by ear. I use Sibelius as my primary notation software.

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  1. Well Done

    Alex was a professional from start to finish. Not only was he understanding and patient, quick to remedy issues or try new solutions, but he is incredibly skilled. He understood what I needed and, with a very fast turn-around, nailed it. Well done, Alex. I certainly appreciate it!

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