Allie Farris

Award-Winning Songwriter, Lyricist, and Vocalist

Experienced, multifaceted professional musician with 15+ year career. 7 self-released albums and EPs, all either self-produced or co-produced. Skilled in all aspects of music entrepreneurship, including sound production, video production, music promotion, and graphic design.

-Original Song Featured on 2020 Season Premiere of Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19
-Appearance on ABC’s Nashville
-Over 822,650 streams and 192,634 downloads on to date
-2015 Folk Alliance International Official Showcase Performer
-2015 Appearance at the Woody Guthrie Festival
-2014 Falcon Ridge Emerging Songwriter Showcaser
-2014 “Songwriter Serenade” Songwriting Contest – 1st Place
-2014 Telluride Bluegrass Festival “Telluride Troubadour” Songwriting Contest – 2nd Place
-2014 Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Songwriter Competition – 3rd Place
-2014 Unsigned Only Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
-2014 NPR’s NewSong Competition – Top 5 Finalist
-2013 Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Top 32 Finalist
-2013 Kerrville New Folk Finalist
-2012 Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Top 32 Finalist
-2010 Wildflower! Songwriting Contest Winner
-2010 University of North Texas Songwriting Contest Winner

I will need:

-Song Lyrics
-A short description of what you need (who to sound like, big vocals or quiet delivery, etc.) i.e. “Aretha Franklin – RESPECT”
-Reference track for the part you need
-The track with no vocals/BGVs
-Track info (24bit., 48khz or 44.5khz)

Base price of $150 for three vocal tracks, with two revisions. Message me about more tracks beyond that! I record on a Shure SM7B into an Apollo Twin, a setup I’ve been using for years. I’m an award-winning singer/songwriter who has recorded in Nashville’s most renowned studios; attended UNT and Berklee; and studied under Julie Bonk, Ron Browning, and Tom Mckinney: vocal coach to Destiny’s Child and PENTATONIX’s Scott Hoying.

I am very versatile and can sound like most anyone you want (I have even done tracks to sound like Ed Sheeran), so please don’t hesitate to ask for what you need. More samples available on request.

I work on the most up-to-date version of ProTools.

Nashville-based for ten years, but I now live in Switzerland.

One of my songs was recently featured in the January 2020 season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy/Ladder 19.

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Two Directions At Once