Loek Hauwert

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, audio engineer

Being somewhat of a ‘jack of all trades’, I offer a wide range of services, whether it’s writing a song completely from start to finish, adding parts or lyrics to your song, or helping you finish your ideas.
I can add drums (live or programmed), guitars, bass, keys, brass (live or programmed) and vocals to your track.

I’m also an avid mixing/mastering engineer and love to give tracks a professional sound, matching the style of the genre.
Mixing to me is very much an essential part of the creative process and my services here include anything from editing and leveling to adding effects and automation, all the way to mastering your track to be radio (or streaming) ready.

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Samples of my work including reggae, dancehall, ska, soul and dub
Samples of my work including pop, rock and folk