Carlo Maria Dini

Composer | Music Producer | Arranger

Started on a guitar and ended up diving deep into studying orchestral composition, making it my daily bread. I wrote and arranged for many genres, short movies and games, producer artists and bands, and I wanna keep working on new things and bring your vision to life! Let’s make some good music.

The one thing that makes me the happiest and most fulfilled while writing music for others, is to succeed into bringing other people’s ideas to life, give them a new layer and a stronger identity. I try my best to stay away from the genres I know I wouldn’t be fit for, but I try my best to make what I do fit in every genre.

I worked for folk artists and arranged for death metal bands, produced a entire pop album for a songwriter and scored whole symphonic orchestra for the tiniest video game. I like dramatic arrangements and I like intimate things. I like spooky moments and I have a lot of fun writing the cheesiest possible solution. I just really like making music.

Get in touch and I’ll be happy to provide you with a bunch of things to listen to.

If you get to see the core of my work behind the genre I made it in, and like what I made, feel free to get in touch and let’s see what we can make. I’m interested in everything and eager to make some magic happen!

Find me everywhere @musicbynowhere
And take a quick stroll of my works via



Before working with me, please bare in mind that everything from lyrics, demos, session files, bpm, chord charts, or music sheet will be vital to understand your grand design for your music, and will be super helpful when it comes of making your music shine. Be descriptive of what you want and like and looking for, and send in all the information that you feel like will be needed!

I will always recommend a professional audio engineer for mixing and mastering. However, I always deliver the projects I work on mixed and mastered by me. The delivery will include dry and wet stems, plus multi-tracks of every single instance, without any processing applied. This is so that you can have everything you need to make a mix of your own, and use the tracks to your liking.

If you commissioned me an original piece, included in the price there will be the commercial licence for my work, no ISRCs and no copyright. However, if you could mention me, I’d very much appreciate it. Same goes in the case you commissioned me an arrangement!


My main services are the following:

As I am waiting for my latest works to be released, you will find that my portfolio is mainly composed of orchestral projects, which I have produced and arranged, and in some cases mixed. I love combining my passion for orchestral scoring with my more recent love for music production. I arranged orchestral parts for many genres and I am eager to keep going. Hit me up whether you want a string arrangement for a couple of minutes, an orchestra for a full song, or if you want to work on a massive sounding full-lenght release!

I guess this is self explanatory. If you need an orchestral cue, an intro to your album, a soundtrack for your corto, trailer music, or videogame music, let’s get in touch and discuss this.

I can be take your melodies, lyrics, or old demos and give it new life. I can take your demos start to finish from scratch. I can edit your vocals, clean up your audio, sound design your tracks so they are ready to hit the audio engineer. I can do mixing, although I’ll always suggest to go to a professional for that part, as it is an art all by itself. Everything before that phase, I will make for you.

There are often cases when a lot of work is required before accessing the mixing phase. The type of ‘design’ that happens in this phase includes processing such as time editing, vocal tuning and gain matching, polishing of the tracks and such. This is to ensure that whoever is going to mix your project is going to focus immediately on mixing, without having to fix every single track. This will spare a mixing engineer a lot of time, and will spare you a lot of money.


I work on Cubase Pro, Pro Tools and Adobe Audition.
I can work, albeit not as quickly, on Reaper and Logic as well on demand.

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Monday to Friday, everyday from 9am to 6pm