Marlon Mehr

Songwriter | Mix-Mastering Engineer | Production

Marlon Mehr is a native Los Angeles music producer, songwriter, and pro audio engineer, now based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His favourite genres span from Electronic, Top40 Pop music, ‘Extreme Moods’, all with a slant on creating authentic and genre-less productions and beats that are timeless and forward thinking. Scoring for Film & Television, AAA Games, and songwriting collaborations are a particular passion however.

Marlon has worked on approximately 2000 projects, 1500 of which were for 20th Century Fox (H.E.), Warner Bros, Paramount and Sony/Columbia. So adhering to strict schedules, getting the project done correctly “the first time” has not been a problem.

Please let me know what is needed with as much detail as possible and how soon you need it. If you are requiring songwriting services, please provide links to songs that represent the ‘sound’ you are trying to target.

20+ years specializing in Audio Mixing, Mastering, and Song Composition (Ghostwriting), for the Motion Picture, Television, and Music Industries. With redundant high-speed internet, remote work and file transfers are not an issue.

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Gallant - Shapest Edges (Alt song version) - POP
Billie Eillish - Bad Guy (Alt Version Demo)