Tessa Maynard

Professional Music Producer/ Lyricist / Singer

I am Tessa, a pop and future bass producer that loves to work with almost every genre out there. I have produced techno, slap house, future bass and now pop. A lot of new music is almost ready for release, but I am still working on perfecting every aspect of it.

My style is recognizable by hearing a strong kick combined with a great ambience and chords in the drop. Music is something you need to experience. It has to take you with on an emotional journey.

When you order, I would like to know more about you as person/artist.
A clear description of what needs to be done.
Every file I need to work on this project.

I am a music producer in the Pop and Future Bass genres. I can produce professional sounding tracks ready for release. I am also able to do mixing and mastering with using the best plugins out there, like Ozone 9 from Izotope. Besides that, I can write lyrics and sing my own vocals.

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