Casey Atkins

Multimedia/Voiceover/Musical Professional

My name is Casey Atkins. I have fifteen years of experience playing the guitar in a wide range of genres, twelve years of mix engineering experience, and several years of experience in the voiceover field and am extremely hungry for gaining more experience in all of my fields.
I can provide musical instrument tracks in any genre for any song and genre utilizing my various models of guitars as well as effects and amplifier models from my Line 6 Helix Professional modeler. I provide professional mixes on songs utilizing Apple’s Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 10 along with a wide array of the highest quality studio plugins from Waves, Brainworx, and many others. And I also provide professional voiceover for commercial, cartoon, and promotional uses.

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Monday – Friday 4:30PM – 11:00PM PST Saturday 9AM-11PM PST Sunday 9 AM – 10PM PST