Professionally trained Vocalist, Songwritter

I´m Olivia, singer and songwriter based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I sing and write both in english and spanish. I opened Ariana Grande’s show for the Honeymoon Tour in Argentina and worked for Disney Channel as a singer and actress on a sitcom, aired on Latin America and European countries, and edited 3 albums for my solo project.

As a singer, I can do both very intimate vocals as well as bright and power pop vocals.
As a songwriter I like to take time to listen to what the artist I’m working with is looking for. As I have my own project, I know the importance of bonding with collaborators and really getting ideas well communicated and captured on the songs.

I work from my home studio on Pro-Tools, equipped with a Neumann U87 Mic, Steinberg UR-RT2 Interface, Neve portico 5017 Pre-amp, and provide post-editing of the vocals.

Any project with commercial use including songwriting goes with a 50/50 split.

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Without Me (English - Vocal sample)
100% (Spanish - Vocalist and Songwritter)


Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 18:00