Film composer/songwriter

I am a composer (film music), singer-songwriter (in the past), I can record/compose/mix/arrange tracks/songs/autonomous pieces for your project.

Currently studying Composition for Film and Theater, so I can do any of these tasks easily for you:
Film Scoring
Music for your video/art project/advertisement
Orchestral arrangement of your piece
Creating a score for your piece
Write an autonomous piece for you (piano or orchestral, or synth layers – up to you)
Mix and master your piece or re-record it with better libraries

In the past I had a singer-songwriter project (you can find me by the name of Charlie Toma on any music platform), so I can also:
Write a song
Record/write lead/back vocals
Record/write a piano track for your song
Arrange your song
Write lyrics
Mix and master your song

I am also a pianist (I hold a bachelor diploma in that field), so I can record more complex piano tracks or piano pieces, don’t hesitate to ask.

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