Beckett Dillon

Audio Engineer / Musician / Producer

For twenty years, music has been the focal point of my personal and professional life. I am a multi-instrumentalist who started playing guitar at 10 years old and later learned piano, bass, and drums over the following years. I quickly developed a fascination with songwriting so I began endlessly composing and producing songs/recordings, as well as touring with various bands across the country. Over the years I have continued the grow and evolve as both a musician and audio producer. Great care and attention to detail go into the crafting of all areas of production; from the musical composition, arrangement, and instrumentation to the unique soundscapes, overall mixing, and artistic vision or story of songs and audio.

As a recent graduate of the Audio Production B.S. program at Full Sail with over 15 years of knowledge and experience in recording, editing, mixing and composing original audio for different media such as music, video, games, and podcasting. I am skilled in bringing projects from conception to reality with a focus on high-quality content, effective communication, organized workflow, and the ability to meet deadlines efficiently

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Ghost (Original Music)
Nova Catalyst (Remix)