Tolis Lympe

Proffesional Guitarist Arranger Composer

Guitarist songwriter based in Greece with my own pro studio very well know for session touring and Tv work with some of the best artists in greece and europe.All the pro gear we need for the best result i guarantee you will be satisfied (Rock/Folk/Metal/Funk/Pop/Americana)

Guitars: Gibson USA LP/SG/335
Fender USA Strat/Tele
Ibanez Japan Jem/Universe/Rg550 prestige
Taylor 710/Martin D28
Custom classical guitar
Marshall super lead
Marshall Jvm
Fender bassman
Vox ac30
Kemper Profiler
Neumann U87
AKG 414 Gold and Silver
Shure sm57
Sennheiser 421
Electrovoice RE20
Mic preamp
BAE 1073
API 500 series
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511

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