Joel Henry


I’m Joel, I’m a drummer, and I’ve been drumming since I was a band kid in middle school, about 23 years. My most influential idols would be Dave Grohl (Nirvana) and Chris Adler (Lamb of God). I’m also an admirer of Danny Carey (Tool), and Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle). I’m here to provide live/acoustic drum tracks for your projects.

If you’d like me to do a session for you I’d just need your project files/scratches, click track or tempo/signature info., and an idea of the direction you want to go/any additional info. I ask for 3 days turnaround time after I get your project, I’ll give up to 3 revisions. Revisions may affect turnaround time.

You’ll get an original performance recorded through quality equipment.

I can do up to 10 tracks, 8 through outboard pre’s (vintage API clones), and 2 through the interface pre’s. I’ve got 6 drums individually mic’d, 2 overheads, and 2 leftover inputs, which I typically use to double mic the kick (inside/outside) and snare (top/bottom). Willing to re-arrange as needed.

The interface itself is a MOTU 828es, it offers 2 mic inputs and 8 line inputs for a total of 10 inputs, and it’s got some of the best digital conversion out there. I have 8 API channels in the form of two outboard WA 412 mic preamps. These can be run clean without coloration of the sound, or driven for a little character. I’ll work with you to get the sound you want. For the mics I have the world famous SM 57 on the snare top, Beta 56A’s on the snare bottom and all the toms, a Beta 52A inside the kick, a WA 251 outside the kick, and a stereo pair of KSM 137’s for overheads.

The drums are Yamaha. Birch shells (except for one oak snare), and Aquarian heads. 22″ Kick, 14×5″ & 13×6″ Snare (oak), 10, 12, 14, & 16″ toms, and a bunch of Sabian cymbals (HHX & AAX)

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