Joel Henry


You’ll get an original performance recorded through quality equipment.

I can do up to 10 tracks, 8 through outboard pre’s (vintage API clones), and 2 through the interface pre’s. I’ve got 6 drums individually mic’d, 2 overheads, and 2 leftover inputs, which I typically use to double mic the kick (inside/outside) and snare (top/bottom). Willing to re-arrange as needed.

The interface itself is a MOTU 828es, it offers 2 mic inputs and 8 line inputs for a total of 10 inputs, and it’s got some of the best digital conversion out there. I have 8 API channels in the form of two outboard WA 412 mic preamps. These can be run clean without coloration of the sound, or driven for a little character. I’ll work with you to get the sound you want. For the mics I have the world famous SM 57 on the snare top, Beta 56A’s on the snare bottom and all the toms, a Beta 52A inside the kick, a WA 251 outside the kick, and a stereo pair of KSM 137’s for overheads.

The drums are Yamaha. Birch shells (except for one oak snare), and Aquarian heads. 22″ Kick, 14×5″ & 13×6″ Snare (oak), 10, 12, 14, & 16″ toms, and a bunch of Sabian cymbals (HHX & AAX)

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