Lloyd Miller

Producer/Guitarist Mixing/Mastering Engineer – Pro Verified ✅

Hey there!
I’m an experienced music producer based in Austin, TX and it is my passion to write, produce, mix and master music of all genres.
I love to create!
I work from my acoustically treated home studio using Cubase Pro 11 and I learned the techniques of the best producers and engineers working today such as Jacquire King, Fab Dupont, Chris Lord-Alge and Andrew Scheps to name a few through Puremix.net.
I have an arsenal of plugins from Universal Audio, Fab Filter, Waves, Native Instruments, Mastering The Mix and Plugin Allience in addition the the pro level stock Cubase plugins. These tools along with my highly trained ears allow me to elevate any song to a professional level. I do daily ear training to make sure my ears are finely tuned.
Some of the techniques I use when mixing are, cleaning up and editing the audio, Gain Staging, EQ, Compression, Delay/Reverb, Vocal Tuning, Saturation, DeEss, Side Chain and Parallel Compression.
After mixing the songs to your satisfaction I will then master them making slight adjustments with EQ and Compression as needed and bringing the volume level of each song up to compete with songs that you hear on the radio using the Fab Filter Pro L2 limiter.

I am also an award winning guitarist and song writer. I can add acoustic and electric guitars to your songs and offer lyrical and arrangement advice. I can also facilitate online recording sessions for any other instruments that you want on your song through my network of online musicians.

I look forward to helping you bring your vision to life!

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Sweet Escape (Produced and written by NAVI x Cezar Habeanu) Mixed and Mastered by Lloyd Miller
I Aint Through Loving You (Lyrics Of Bobbie Larkins) Produced By Lloyd Miller (Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Programmed Drums)


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