Robert Copeland

Producer & Composer

Robert Copeland is a producer, composer, music director and musician. He has composed, directed and/or performed with such artists and productions as Kitaro, Cirque Ingenieux, Cirque du Soleil, the St. Louis Symphony at Carnegie Hall, Warner Music, Sony Music, Billy Preston, Ed Townshend (Marvin Gaye), Cher, Christina Aguilera, The Goo Goo Dolls, Whitney Houston and many others.
Robert has also been creating distinctive and thematic music productions with the overarching theme of “East Meets West”.
Robert’s “The Solar Terms” series is based on the traditional 24 seasonal terms, which emanated from China thousands of years ago. This series has received many accolades throughout China and Southeast Asia. Online media outlets Renmin Daily, XInhuanet and CIBN are featuring the entirety of the 24 Solar Terms on their respective home pages as each segment is released.
Robert recently signed with the Ximalaya group as a featured music artist. His original lifestyle musical works are featured on Ximalaya’s online platform with new releases occurring weekly. Additionally, Ximalaya is perpetually broadcasting all of The Solar Terms series as each part is released.
Robert’s current creative homebase is Studio 28 in Bangkok, a multifaceted world class music production complex and recording home of the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. From here, Robert is immersed in new artist development, music composition & production and music label services.
Recent samples of my creations can be heard at

1. Discussion and decision on project concept and proposed outcome
2. Client stems provided, as necessary
3. Artwork, bio info provided, as needed

Full production services with all current software and outboard gear.
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