Pierre Garcet

Producer, mixing engineer

Hi! I’m a music producer, mixing engineer, singer song-writer from Barcelona, Spain. I’ve been producing a wide range of genres for more than 10 years. From indie to soundtracks, pop, experimental, electro and hip-hop.

Music has been my whole life since I was a kid growing up in Ibiza and more than 10 years have passed since I started dabbling with FL Studio. Phew!

A lot has happened since then and I have touched on many different creative endeavors. In every single one of them, my fuel has remained the same. Uniqueness, communication and attention to detail.

The focus of my work will be on you as an artist. I want to take your music and ideas to the next level to bring out the magic and character it holds. I will not spare any detail and maintain communication throughout the process.

Let’s create together!

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Audio Reel - Pierre Garcet