Studio and session guitarist – Pro Verified ✅

I provide every guitar part and track needed for the song and required by the client, the artist. It could be just a guitar solo from a few seconds, a longer one, a rhythm guitar part for one section, or for various sections of the song, melodies, fills, soundscapes and textures… I have the knowledge, abilities, gear and willingness to create all the guitar parts required for the client to enhance the song. Besides, as I am professionally trained, I can sight-read any lead sheet or guitar sheet if the guitar parts are already written. Or I could transcribe an existing guitar part by ear if required.
I have the abilies and capabilities to enable me doing any job within the the wide stylistic territory I domain the most (jazz, jazz-blues, soul, blues, R&B, pop, pop-rock, indie, indie-rock, blues-rock, americana, folk, experimental, ambient, rock, hard-rock, psych-rock, rock-prog…). So: you name it, I’ll play it!

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Available each day of the week from 8am until 8pm (Spain time, UTC+2).