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I provide every guitar part and track needed for the song and required by the client, the artist. It could be just a guitar solo from a few seconds, a longer one, a rhythm guitar part for one section, or for various sections of the song, melodies, fills, soundscapes and textures… I have the knowledge, abilities, gear and willingness to create all the guitar parts required for the client to enhance the song. Besides, as I am professionally trained, I can sight-read any lead sheet or guitar sheet if the guitar parts are already written. Or I could transcribe an existing guitar part by ear if required.
I have the abilies and capabilities to enable me doing any job within the the wide stylistic territory I domain the most (jazz, jazz-blues, soul, blues, R&B, pop, pop-rock, indie, indie-rock, blues-rock, americana, folk, experimental, ambient, rock, hard-rock, psych-rock, prog-rock…). So: you name it, I’ll play it!

Besides my YouTube channel and Instagram accounts, where I play mainly jazz, blues, blues-rock, and my original things there; if you want to hear about a pop-rock/indie project I am involved in, check out the Spotify link in order to listen the recorded guitar parts!

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  1. Perfect work from Marc

    Marc is an excellent musician (and person). He really understand what we need, and we can talk in terms of music theory. He learns fast what we requested him to play, and give us some ideas that fit perfectly in our style of music (progressive rock). Absolutely satisfied with his job and dedication!

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Available each day of the week from 8am until 8pm (Spain time, UTC+2).