Anton Gellens

Professionally Music Producer/Beat maker

My name is Anton. I am a 21 years old music producer. My program of choice is Fl Studio. I’ve been making music since i was 15 years old. I make different styles like from pop music to hiphop music. I studied audio producer in high school and i graduated in this. The first year after graduation I was not much involved with music. I was very interested in other things but still made music for a few rappers. Because i was in a hiphop group i sometimes felt obliged to make beats, but now I’m kind of a solo beatmaker and I already feel a lot of pressure off my shoulders. I released a debut EP of 3 tracks on January 5th and am very proud of it. I can tell you that more music is coming in the years to come. I am very excited to help people with my talents. I also have a lot of experience in working with other people. So
I am willing to help you and for a pleasant cooperation.

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