Felipe Vareschi

Professional Mastering Engineer

I’m a Berlin-based Mastering Engineer providing tailor-made audio engineering services to amplify your creative vision.

Hi, I’m Felipe, I’m a Mastering engineer focused on helping artists bring their creative vision into the mastering process. I believe that each musical project requires a unique approach to mastering beyond style and genre.

I have a very personal approach to engineering, I like to get to know the artists who I am working with so I can understand their creative and technical needs. I want artists to be a part of the creative decision-making processes that happen in mastering so that their creative vision extends all the way to the end of the music-making process. If having a “1 on 1” relationship with your Mastering engineer is something you value I’m sure we will work well together.

Mastering can be a very complicated landscape these days, with conflicting information everywhere. I’m here to help you get past the technobabble so feel free to ask any questions about mastering or audio engineering in general. Feedback on your mix and your music are an integral part of my process and I will provide those free of charge once I get to listen to your tracks!

Once I have received your music and gotten a chance to get to know your creative needs I’ll get to work right away on both Analog and Digital equipment to get your music to sound the best it can. From there we can organize revisions until you are ready to share your music with the world.

Get in touch, I’m excited to hear your music and your creative ideas!

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Harianthe - ya pu
Crumbled - Morning Agter