Diego Romero

Professional Guitarrist & Composer

I have over 21 years of experience working as a musician. As a composer, I have won the 1st Prize for Folk Music Work Composition in 2018 in the national contest organized by the National Art Fund (Argentina) and released my first CD last year through the label Acqua Records. Furthermore, I composed the music used by the dance company Potros Malambo fro their show “Pura Sangre”, which toured Argentina and Rusia.
As a professor, I specialize in Latinamerican Music for guitar players and have taught in different music schools in Buenos Aires and Tandil.
As a guitar player and arranger, I have worked with renowned Argentinian artists such as Raul Lavié, Nacha Guevara, Marcela Passadore, Adriana Varela, among others. I have also formed musical groups such as with the violinist Karl Espegard, the harmonica player Daniel Chappett and a full quintet named Diego Romero Quinteto (including violin, guitar, piano, bandoneon, and contrabass). I have also composed for all of them.
As a musician, I have played in different venues in Argentina, Rusia, Switzerland, and Norway.

Let me know what you are looking to have recorded (a backing track, a composition, a song, original or existing), what is your deadline and budget and if you have any special requests

I am a guitar player, singer, composer, arranger, and professor. I specialize in Latin American Music and guitar rhythms. I also play the guitar and have wide experience accompanying artists. I also compose musical pieces for promotional videos and theatre shows. Furthermore, I can transcribe music sheets to Sibelius and I also offer my current show, which comprises music from Latin America and my own compositions.
I am the Winner of the Pre-Cosquin 2010 -Instrumental Group- and of the 1st Prize for Folk Music Work Composition in 2018 in the national contest organized by the National Art Fund, Argentina. I worked as the main guitar player for the Argentinian tango singer Raúl Lavié and have accompanied many renowned artists, having played in very important halls in Argentina, Chile, Brasil, and Russia.

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Cosquillas - Original Composition
El Suquipuquero - Backing Track