João Moreira

I am a music producer working on all dimensions of the production process, from composing to mixing and mastering. I’ve produced 3 EPs of my own making, as well as another EP and isolated songs for different musical projects over the last years. I sing, play the violin and the drums and I have a higher education in Music Production and Technologies from the University of Porto.

1 – What are your goals for this song?
2 – Do you want to convey a specific mood or emotion?
3 – Are there particular effects/sounds/instruments you want to include in the composition/mix?
4 – Are there certain elements that you particularly want me to make shine?
5 – What will the target audience for the song be?
6 – Anything else I should consider?

With a Bachelor Degree in Music Production and Technologies, over 15 years of playing instruments (violin, drums, guitar, voice) and 4 years of composing original songs for myself and others, I’ll make sure to channel my creativity and focus in a way that suits your project’s unique needs.

I specialise in creating soundscapes or songs that fit different moods and evoke diverse emotions, aiming to compose music with depth of character and a visual/cinematic feel to it. I can easily incorporate specific sounds, instruments or elements to your desire so that your vision is fulfilled. From lush and peaceful ambient soundscapes to rhythm-driven pulsating songs, I will combine different synthesis techniques, virtual instruments or acoustic recordings to materialise your design and provide you with a great song!

I also provide mixing and mastering services. I work completely in the box using modern techniques and plugins, but more importantly I have a sensitive ear, a flexible approach and will cater to the vision you have for your song or project.

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