Matthew Terribile

Professional Mix Engineer and Session Musician

I’m Matt, a mix engineer and session musician with over 15 years of experience working in pro studios. I deliver passionate and impactful mixes that will make your listeners feel something. I specialize in Country, Folk, Indie, Pop-Rock, Pop-Punk, Worship and singer/songwriter styles. I work with many clients across many different genres at my studio in Connecticut, and would love to work with you too. I mix with a combination of analog hardware and state of the art plug ins to bring the song anywhere you want it to go. I have a Bachelors degree in Music and Sound Recording from the University of New Haven.

I am also a proficient session drummer and vocalist. I’ve been playing drums for 25 years and love playing on Country, Folk, and Pop-punk / Emo jams. I can help you across many other genres too. I track live drums in a large 25 by 35 ft room at my studio using multiple overhead and room mics as well as direct mics. I have an SJC Custom drum kit as well as a plethora or custom and high end snare drums. If hiring me for session drumming, you’ll receive track outs of each drum mic do that your engineer can mix to taste. I can also mix the drums for you if you’d like.

I’ve been singing my whole life, and on records for the last 10 years or so. I specialize in writing and arranging backing vocals and harmonies for Country, Folk and various rock genres. I am best suited for clean vocals in the tenor range. If hiring me to arrange and record backing vocals, you will receive vocal stems that have been pitch corrected but otherwise un touched so that your mix engineer can do their job. If you’d like a more finished, polished vocal sound, I can mix them for you before sending. I can write top line melodies as well, especially in the Country and Pop-Punk / Emo realms. Vocals are recorded through a Lauten Atlantis microphone and a Universal Audio Apollo Interface.

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Start - Mick Louis feat. Matthew Stephen. I co-wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered this track. I also wrote and performed the drums and vocal arrangements, and sang lead vocals in the first half of the song.
Psycho - Rob Ashley. I recorded, mixed, and mastered this track.


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