Carlo Romagnolo

I Will Play Guitar For You

Thanks for reaching me.
My name is Carlo Romagnolo, and I’m a session musician, producer, and songwriter.
These 3 skills are always giving me the best sense of what I should do on your song, with the right sound and the right playing being careful that what I play is right for your music!

I play Electric Guitar, and Drums, Bass, Keyboard Programming.
I being highly specialized in Pop, Rock, Funk, Metal, Jazzy.

You’ll have:
✔️ Professional recording quality
✔️ My 20 years of experience as a session player, producer, and songwriter
✔️ Tracks ready to be sampled, looped or edited being perfectly locked to the grid
✔️ Mature and unique tracks meeting top industry standards
✔️ My full attention to your needs
✔️ My efforts and sensibility to be 100% satisfied with the work

I record in my own professional recording studio, with the best technologies – equipment and resources available.

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