GFC Studios

Metal Recording/Editing/Mixing/Mastering

GFC Studios is run by engineer/producer James Cooke, who has played in bands for over 10 years and has vast experience on the recording and live circuit, always being involved in the production process in some way. He takes all of that experience and an extreme ear for detail to bring an obsessive level of quality to the music he works on. A musician and drummer in his own right, he knows what it takes to transform an idea, from songwriting, song structure and lyric writing, through to post-production and the final mix and master, into a masterpiece body of work.

– Remote Recording

If you have booked studio time, or want to record from the comfort of your own home without having to pay hugely overpriced daily rates in a studio, then we are on hand with our fully mobile rig to record with you. If you have decided to go along the route of recording your own tracks and simply need some guidance or advice, then we also offer a remote video call service so that we can be right there in the room with you. We offer advice on issues such as track headroom, guitar cab mic placement, DI recording levels, gain staging, among other things.

– Editing

Do not let an out of time drum performance or an out of tune vocal ruin what could be the next smash hit. Our painstaking approach to editing your tracks will ensure that your performance is as tight as possible, in tune and up to modern, professional level standards.

– Mixing

The mix can make or break your song. It can be the difference between a mediocre track and a track that truly shines. Remember that first impressions count, and this is ultimately what the mix is all about. Get it right and make sure your track is unskippable to your fans.

If you are unhappy with a mix from a previously released song, then we would love the chance to work our magic and give it a new lease of life.

– Mastering

Give your mix that final, polished sound and have it compete and stand toe-to-toe with other artists in your chosen genre. Our mastering process will transform your mix into a radio-ready, clearly defined, crisp work of art that you can be proud of. This process caters for all release platforms, whether it is for physical formats or streaming services.

– Pre/Post-Production

If you are struggling to come up with, or even choose between ideas that will make it into your final songs, then we can certainly help with this creative process. If you have a lot of ideas floating around but can’t decide which ones make it into the final product, then we can help narrow it down for you.

Also, if you feel as if your songs are missing that little 5-10% extra, something that will change it from great to incredible, then some post production magic might be just what you need.

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