Isaiah Blickenstaff

Professional Mixing Engineer

Hello! My name is Isaiah Blickenstaff, and I run a dedicated mixing studio entitled ITBProductions. I’ve been a mixing engineer for about 6 years and a musician for even longer. Before I became an audio engineer, I actually started off as a singer/songwriter who wrote music and self-produced my own records. As I slowly began to acquire more gear and more knowledge, I began to produce records for other artists, and soon I fell in love with the art of the production process. I felt particularly drawn to mixing so after a few years of full productions, I began to specialize in mixing, and now I devote my time entirely to helping artists craft great-sounding music by providing them with stellar mixes. I still write and record my own stuff when I get the chance, but now my focus has shifted to helping other artists achieve their musical dreams. I hope that I get the chance to work with you someday!!

Guidelines for Buyers:
Before the project can begin, I will need individual WAV files for the tracks for the song you want to be mixed and info for the track (bpm, bit rate, and sample rate).

I truly love and enjoy helping artists, like you, take their awesome music to the next level with stellar sounding mixes. With every gig, I assure you that I will give it my all and craft a great mix that is to your taste. My turnaround time is about 5 days but I will usually have it to you sooner (if hired for multiple songs, I may request an extension as it will take more time). This service does not include any major editing, although I can make smaller time edits and/or pitch correction edits if you’d like. As long as I’m not spending hours editing the song, we’re good. Also, 5 revisions are included for free with this service, although, if you need more than 5, that will cost an extra $15 per revision. My genre specialty is in the singer/songwriter, indie pop, and indie pop/rock genres, but I have done much work in the rock, contemporary Christian, folk, and ambient genres before. I do not do rap or hip-hop styles so I would not be the best fit for that kind of music. I can’t wait to get to hear and work on your amazing music!

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