Flórez Música

Professional Audio Engineer

I am a sound engineer, a songwriter, and a keybord player.
I am not only a musician with an audio engineer emphasis who loves learning but also an organized person, who has knowledge in music theory, and instrument interpretation. Hence, it is easier for me to communicate clients and materialize their ideas in products.
Moreover , I always use technical tools to reinforce ideas. Then, I put my skills and knowledge at the service of clients to achieve their goals and dreams.

Skills: Audio recording, editing and mixing, songwriter, keyboard player, singer, score editor, post production.

For mastering you need the final mix of your track.
For mixing you need the multitrack recorded and edited.
For editing you need recorded tracks
For songwriting you need ideas.

Employment and project experience

Freelance Music producer since 2018:
Salvo Patria: (Also Keyboard Player)

-Fernando Barona:

Flórez Música: (Also Songwriter)

-Freelance Mixing Engineer since 2017:

Fernando Barona:


-Freelance Mastering Engineer since 2019:
J Zuñi:

Live Streaming Mixing Engineer at BoogaloopTeVe since april of 2020:

-Music with Sound Engineering emphasis at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia.
-Currently starting a digital Master in Digital Marketing and Advertisement in Nebrija University, Spain.

Softwares: Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Sibelius, iMovie.

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Azul Fosforescente - Flórez Música
Color Menta - Flórez Música


Monday - Saturday: 7:00-17:00