Adam Soucy

Adam Soucy - Profesional Session Drummer

There was one incredibly special gig I played with Horns Become Halos when I was 14 years old that completely changed my outlook on music. It was our album release show, and there was this intoxicating feeling of hearing the lyrics to songs we wrote being screamed back at us from the darkness of the sold out hall. Looking back on it now, it is, without a doubt, the single most important experience I have to look back on as a musician. It not only serves as a reminder of how wonderfully fulfilling the experience of making music can be, but it sets the bar for the specific feeling I hope to pass on to everyone who chooses to make music with me.

Chasing this wonderful experience defined my career path. It pushed me to get a degree in music and to try my hand at every musical situation I possibly could in a never-ending search for new challenges and inspirations. It’s taken me to many different parts of the country and the world abroad; into the biggest sold out theaters alongside the most intimate jazz clubs. I put my all into everything that I do, and approach every project I engage in from the perspective of the listener, focusing on making creative choices that suit the music, above all else.

Please include 3 variations of your track(s):

1. Full arrangement as is, include demo drums if present
2. Full arrangement without demo drums
3. Isolated track of any demo drums

All of the above should be cleanly trimmed to the first and last bars for ease of alignment (I will trim my tracks to the length of the file I’m given). Please specify your Sample Rate and Bit Depth (ie: 48kHz, 24-Bit). WAV files are most preferable, but AIFF’s are perfectly fine as well, just let me know!

I know how difficult it can be in finding the right drummer for your project. We just have such a profound effect on the songs we play on! The drummer can make or break a song, and when the foundation laid by the drums isn’t right, the whole song can fall apart. I pride myself on being able to create drum parts that are interesting and fun to listen to, but I take incredible care to make sure that I’m setting a vibe that best serves the song at hand, no matter the genre.

All styles are welcome: Pop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Country, Jazz, Progressive, Post-hardcore, Folk, Funk, R&B, you name it. I’ll do my very best to make your songs sound and feel as good as they can.

Technical Stuff I have access to:
– The Highest Caliber of Drums and Cymbals Available
– Fully Treated Acoustic Space
– Collection of Industry Standard Microphones
– High Quality Converters and Preamps
– Too many Auxiliary Percussion Instruments and Other Toys
– Tons and Tons of Third Party Plugins

I’ll play what I deem to be the best part for the song, obsessing over the smallest details and nuances, but I’m happy to do up to 2 rounds of revisions if you’re not happy! I typically run anywhere from 12-16 tracks, all of which will be delivered to you as clean, well-organized wav files. The tracks will be processed and shaped to fit the song, and I’ll include a detailed rundown of the recording techniques used. At your request, I can deliver everything to you completely dry; I just want you to have as much control over your mix as possible!

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Before It's Too Late - Major Moment
Black Tears - Anna Madsen (ft. Adam Soucy)